What is a Shell?

A shell is a comfortable, elegant layering piece that is form-fitted.

Why Shells?

With much of contemporary fashion entirely focused on exposing the body rather than focusing on a woman's inner-beauty, modesty-conscious women have been put in a position of struggling to find clothing that is both elegant and allows them to adhere to their own higher principles.

Enter: the layering shell.
The layering shells throws open the doors of fashion and style to women seeking just a little more coverage.

I don't get it - isn't this just a fancy undershirt?

Yes and no. Most undershirts are primarily designed for the purpose of keeping sweat off of your outer-clothing. As such they are often constructed out of a thin material with no rebound (once they stretch - they're stretched). Layering shells are made out of a cotton-spandex blend or a microfiber. These allow the shells to stretch as you move, while remaining form-fitting and returning to their original shape to always remain flattering.

The colors in shells are vibrant and full and they hold out much longer than a conventional undershirt. Further, the material allows the shells to stretch with your body, without starting to become see-through.

I don’t know…

What have you got to lose? If you are one of the thousands of women out there that struggle to find stylish modest clothing, give it a try!

Ok, you got me!

Great! So head on over to our website and check out our different styles. If this is your first time buying KikiRiki shells, please make sure to read the sizing guide, as the sizes might not be what you are used to.